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Elevate your game by increasing your reaction time, recognition and endurance. Elite College and Pro athlete from all over the World use The Light Attack.  Train like a Pro in your back yard!

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Train Your Vision and Mind

In competitive sports, one of the most valuable abilities an athlete can have, is their ability to see something happen on an athletic field, process what has happened, formulate a reaction, and carry out that movement.  Although athletic ability and physical training are a portion of this, those athletes that have trained their vision and mind as much as their bodies, will usually prevail in athletic situations.

So, what are you doing to train your reaction?

It has been proven many times over that reactionary movements fire muscles 7 times harder than that movement which is repetitive.  This means if you are not working reactionary drills, and running set drills such as running cone to cone, you are not training the vision and the mind. 

The Light Attack Trains the Vision and the Mind making you a better athlete on and off the field.

The Light Attack is excited to introduce its newest product for Baseball.

Hitting in baseball is one of the hardest tasks in all sports to accomplish and perfect.  Many different tools and training courses have been developed to help athletes improve the art of batting.  However, until now, no other system takes on the task of helping athletes visualize the ball from the pitcher's hand to make contact with the bat.  Whether the ball is inside or outside on the plate, the key aspects of making proper contact with the ball is the positioning and movement of the batter's hands.  This new system from The Light Attack allows athletes to perform drills that will visually improve their hand eye coordination and place the barrel of the bat in the proper place to make optimal contact with the ball.

There are many training tools on the market to improve the physical movements involved with batting for baseball and softball.  However, none of these tools work on the vision and reaction athletes need to sharpen and to really improve their batting performance.  Making contact with the ball is one of the hardest tasks in all of sports.  You may have the best technique, but if you do not have the vision or reaction, these techniques are wasted. The Light Attack's revolutionary system for batting in baseball and softball combine both vision and reaction to stimulated real game situations in a practice environment.  This revolutionary system simulates which quadrant of the plate the ball is crossing and the athletes must react by moving their hands to simulate which pitch is being delivered.  The Light Attack's system also simulates off speed pitches and when the athletes should take a pitch which is out of the strike zone.  The Light Attack is the new visionary tool every baseball and softball player should have to improve reaction and vision while at the plate.

Listen to professional speed and agility Coach Matt Gilbert - "Gilly" explain why your athletes can not train another day without

The Light Attack!


I love the system.  Coming back from my torn ACL, it has prepared me quicker to be able to cut on a dime again.  The Light Attack has been a huge part of my rehab.  I personally feel if i would have trained on this light system prior to my injury, i would not have had that injury in the first place

Chris Frey

CFL Pro football player

After using it with the entire team this past week, I am looking forward to bringing it back out on Monday.  The players loved it!  This is going to be a big part of our training system moving into the Spring 21 Season.

Logan Otto

Head lacrosse coach

Transylvania University

My kids have used it almost everyday in the basement for the last couple months.  They spend about 10-15 minutes at a time training on The Light Attack.  They love it and they are able to train on their own with no help from me, or a coach.  I have notice a huge increase in their skills.

Joe Enciso

Parent and Light Attack user for 4 months

NEW Innovative Custom Drills

for Speed and Agility Training

The Light Attack Value Pack includes schematics of drills as well as Professionally led speed and agility drills.  Along with these drills, this package includes advice to discern on proper execution of the drills and monitoring progress. 

These drills are built with specific goals in mind.  Whether it is to increase speed, increase agility, or trunk stability, The Light Attack can train all aspects of sports with this comprehensive package!  Easy to read and follow along for even the novice parent or coach.  Free Personal Access login provided with Purchase of Value Pack!

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This is just a sample of the 25+ drills currently being used.  More to come! 

Chris Frey, professional football player talks about using

The Light Attack 

Part 1 of Coach "Gilly" working with Professional Athletes on the importance of maintaining speed while changing directions.

Part 2 of Coach "Gilly" working with Professional Athletes on the importance of maintaining speed while changing directions.

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This automated sports training aid can also be used with specific sports for goalie and shooting drills

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The Light Attack is the only automated shooter and goalie training aid in sports.  The Light Attack uses a light system including speed controlled, randomized light sequences that mimics real game situations in a practice environment.


During a game, a shooter must recognize not only the position of a goalie but what queues the goalie is giving them. Athletes training without a goalie or in their backyard, lack this recognition.
The Light Attack makes athletes look at the goal, find the light and shoot at the light.  With random light sequences, this simulates a game situation. 
Shooting on a goal without a goalie creates great muscle memory. 
The Light Attack trains not only muscle memory but the athletes "mind memory".


Goalies are limited in training when outside of a practice environment and no teammates/coaches are shooting on them. 
A goalie can face the goal and utilize The Light Attack to mimic this training.  The sequence of lights can be adjusted depending on the drill and ability of the athlete.
A goalie can work on their reaction time, technique and conditioning.

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As a 30 year player, my career started in High School as a 3 time All-State goalie by leading the state in the most saves for 3 consecutive years. As I continued my career at The Ohio State University, I switched from goalie to being a 4 year starter - 1st line middie.
Going from between the pipes to now a shooter, my greatest asset was being able to read a goalie and look for the weaknesses he gave me.
Since 2000 when I finished my career at Ohio State, I have played and reffed for many pro and semi-pro teams starting at a middie and moving to attack.
Having a distinct ability to read a goalie and knowing how they are trained has given me an edge in  scoring.
The Light Attack is a tool developed from my 30 years of knowledge training as a goalie and a shooter.  This tool takes this knowledge and trains athletes to be the best in their game. 


My experience in lacrosse has transferred to all sports.  No matter what sport you play, the fundamentals of sports are the same.  The first athlete to correctly react is usually the athlete that wins that play.  The Light Attack takes my knowledge of pro lacrosse and makes it available for all athletes and all sports.  An athlete's ability to recognize a situation and react is the backbone of being a great athlete.  The Light Attack allows athletes to train in real game situations in a practice environment.  This training not only allows athletes to excel during competitions, but trains muscles and soft tissue during reaction training to reduce the risk of injury during games.  

Enhance your game.  
Elevate your game. 
Evolve your game. 

With – The Light Attack!

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