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The Light Attack uses valuable light technology to allow lacrosse athletes to train like a pro in their own back yard.  The random light sequence speed can be adjusted for 100's of drills to mimic a goalie between the pipes.  By using The Light Attack, once a shooter catches the ball, the shooter must now focus their eyes on the goal and locate the illuminated light.  By the athlete turning their head to find the light also opens up the athlete's hips to the goal placing them in a proper position to shoot on the goal.   Coaches have struggled for years with training tools to get athletes to open their hips to the goal as well as turn their eyes to the goal and not shoot right at the goalie.  By using this fun training aid, athletes are learning these valuable actions while having fun in their back yard.  The Light Attack is being used by beginner athletes as well as Pro athletes all over the world.  With many practices shut down or minimized, don't let your athlete fall behind.  Let your athlete train like a Pro!

LightAttack_Shooting_Big_Moment 7.jpg
LightAttack_Shooting_Big_Moment 9.jpg
LightAttack_Shooting_Big_Moment 8.jpg

A Lacrosse Goalie is one of the toughest positions in all sports.  The Light Attack trains these athletes to be on the top of their game.  Goalies can adjust the speed of the lights to work on many different technique drills, increase reaction time and sharpen their conditioning.  Elite College and Pro Goalies use The Light Attack to keep their skills sharp when not at practice or in a game.  There is nothing better for a goalie than taking shots, but Elite Athletes don't stop when the practice stops.  Take your game to the Next Level with The Light Attack.  Just 5 minutes a day in your basement or back yard can be the difference between 1st and 2nd string goalie.  Train like a Pro when your friends are watching TV in just 5 minutes a day.



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